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  • Houses

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  • You Name It, We Got You Covered

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Specials On:

  • Houses

  • Apartments

  • Condos

  • Multi-units

  • Interior

  • Exterior

  • You Name It, We Got You Covered

Painting Rental Property in Pueblo

Whether you are getting your rental ready for a new tenant or trying to keep an existing good one happy, painting is a valuable tool for you.

It adds a sense of newness, looks clean, and even smells like a new beginning.

For existing tenants, it is a perfect way to personalize the property to their liking without having to spend a fortune.

Rental House Painting Yourself

Many Rental property owners think they would be better served by doing the painting themselves. Certainly if they have experience, and as one once told me, "it's just painting" (he did hire us to finish the job), money could be saved.

As with all business owners, along with deciding where your time is best spent, consider the expense of the tools and supplies. Of course most of these would only require being purchased one time.

Some of the tools and supplies needed would be:

• Painters tape

• Drop clothes

• Assortment of brushes and rollers

• Ladder

• Scaffold

• Paint sprayer

• Primer

• Paint

One might argue that your going to pay for most of this whether you do it yourself or hire someone else to do it. And ladders, scaffolds, and sprayers can be rented.

This is true. What you'd be saving is the labor costs, which is probably the most expensive part. Just something to think about.

Read more on costs here>

Why hire a painting contractor?

There are a few advantages of using a professional painting contractor when painting your rental property. Here are just a few:

• They have the experience and expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

• They are insured, which can give you peace of mind knowing that any potential damages will be taken care of.

• Safer for you and your property when climbing ladders and scaffolds to reach high surface areas

• Professional house painters are more experienced in working with different paint colors and are very helpful in helping you pick the right colors for your project.

• Their experience makes them better able to complete a higher quality of finished paint job than someone not doing it day in and day out.

• They will clean up the mess made so you are left with a paint freshened property and nothing else to do.

• Their work is guaranteed, so if you find something that needs to be touched up, they will come back and take care of it for you.

So far in this article, we have learned about the different supplies necessary for painting a rental property, as well as some of the different techniques that can be used. We have also learned about the advantages of hiring a professional painting contractor to do the work for you.

We paint rental houses, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and many more…

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