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  • Interior

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  • You Name It, We Got You Covered

Specials On:

  • Houses

  • Apartments

  • Condos

  • Multi-units

  • Interior

  • Exterior

  • You Name It, We Got You Covered

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Get A FREE On Site Estimate Today!

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Painters In Pueblo, Colorado

In the heart of Pueblo, CO, where the rich history of explorers and gold seekers once thrived, the colorful shades of our local homes are more than just for attention; they are a canvas of our community's story. As residents and professional house painters here in Pueblo, we've painted homes that reflect our city's dynamic past, from quaint historical bungalows to sprawling modern estates. Our city, known historically as "El Pueblo" dating back to 1842, not only witnessed the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859 but also grew into a bustling hub for steel production, influencing every street and home with stories as diverse as the people who built them.

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Along with expansion to the west came the need for steel production and Pueblo helped supply the growing railroads with rails and other materials. In fact, the steel industry has been in the history of these parts for around 150 years and at one time was Colorado's largest employer.

Those employees came from many parts of the world and at one point there were more than 40 languages spoken and about two dozen foreign language newspapers published. This made Pueblo the first real "melting pot" of the west.

CF&I Head Quarters

Today, as Pueblo continues to thrive with over 110,000 residents, the demand for quality painting services is at an all-time high. Whether you're looking for local painters near you or need someone familiar with the nuances of this areas unique architectural styles, Pueblo House Painters is ready to transform your home with a fresh coat of paint. We specialize in both interior painting and exterior painting projects, offering unparalleled craftsmanship at competitive prices.

Painting Costs

Painting in Pueblo will vary based on the project, but exterior painting jobs usually have a range between $2,100 to $6,900 on average, with an average bedroom going as low as $200 and as high as $2,900. Of course, a kitchen with cabinets and shelves will be higher.

Some of the factors that come into play for the exterior are:

• Size

• One story, two, or three

• Type of paint

• How many coats

• Degree of preparation and repair

For the interior, some factors will be:

• Size

• Number of rooms

•Type of paint

• Colors (one coat or two)

• How much taping and repair

• How much furniture

•Room occupied or not

Exterior Painting Services

Keeping your home's exterior surfaces maintained and looking good are the best reasons to get a FREE estimate from Pueblo House Painters.

When preparing your home to be painted by the house painters the surfaces will be cleaned and examined for areas that will need repaired or just prepared to get a fresh coat of paint.

Sanding, caulking, filling nail and other holes, all help get your property ready for paint and keep it protected from weather, critters, and other problem causers that can be harmful to your home.

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Interior Painting Services

So you get tired of the same old colors in your bedroom and decide it’s time to paint; or, the walls on your living room are showing their age and need a fresh coat; or, the kitchen, which is used all day every day is showing some wear and tear so you decide ”let’s do it, let’s do some interior painting”.

So now you have to decide if you are going to do it yourself to save some money, or hire painting contractors.

Then comes picking the colors, rounding up all the necessary tools and equipment, and calling all your friends and relatives and inviting them to a paint party and turning them into house painters (if you’re doing it yourself).

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Paint Colors

Color choices for the exterior of your home will probably be determined by the color of your roofing, the prominent colors in your neighborhood, and of course your personal taste.

Your local Home Owners Association (HOA) will also likely have a say in what color choices are available to you for residential property. Sherwin-Williams has a great web tool that shows what most HOA’s are suggesting for your neighborhoods exteriors.

It’s called, Homeowners Association Color Archive. If your HOA is not on there, call your HOA manager and ask them to add it and it will make the HOA’s job much easier.

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Painting Your Rental Property

Are you looking to freshen up your rental property and make a great impression on future tenants?

Hiring our painting company to take care of the interior and exterior painting can be incredibly beneficial to you.

Not only will our company ensure that your property looks its best, but also that it is properly maintained and protected from damage.

Our company has experience in both interior painting and exterior painting, allowing us to deliver a high-quality paint job that enhances the value of your rental property.

This way you can have the benefits of hiring painting contractors for painting your rental property, including time savings, access to specialty services and materials, quality workmanship, and more.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does exterior house painting typically cost in Pueblo?

Exterior house painting in Pueblo can vary quite a bit depending on a few key factors such as the size of your home and the type of paint we decide on. On average, you can expect a range between $2,100 to $6,900. We’re here to walk you through the options to find something that fits your budget and keeps your house looking great!

What should I consider before choosing paint for my home’s interior?

When deciding on the paint for your home’s interior, think about the size of the space, how many rooms need painting, and your color preferences. Other considerations include whether you want one coat or two, the amount of furniture we need to work around, and whether the rooms are currently occupied. We'll make sure everything is handled smoothly from taping to the final touches!

What are some factors that affect the cost of painting a house?

A few important factors influence the cost of painting a house, like the number of stories your home has and how much preparation work is needed. For exterior jobs, we also look at how many coats of paint will be required and the degree of repairs before painting. For interior painting, the number of rooms and color choices can also impact the price. Let's discuss your specific needs and get you an estimate that reflects all these aspects.

What do painters charge per day?

Every painting project is unique, so daily rates can vary. Typically, the charge per day will depend on the complexity of the job and the type of painting required. We always strive to provide a fair price that reflects the quality of work you will receive. Why not give us a call? We can discuss your project and  give you a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

When should I pay a house painter?

We recommend a transparent approach to payments. Generally, a small deposit might be required upfront to secure your slot and get the necessary materials and supplies. The majority of the payment is due after the job is completed to your satisfaction. We’ll discuss all the payment details upfront so there are no surprises!

Can I negotiate with a house painter?

Absolutely, feel free to discuss your budget with us. While we aim to offer the best value for professional services, we understand everyone has a budget, and we’ll do our best to work within yours to meet your painting needs

How to save money when hiring a painter?

To save money, consider preparing the rooms beforehand, like moving furniture and doing a bit of the basic prep work yourself, if you’re up for it. Also, planning your project during less busy seasons might fetch you a better rate. Let's talk about how we can make your painting project fit your budget.

Do paint quotes include paint?

Usually, quotes include all materials, including paint, unless stated otherwise. We make sure everything is clear and included in your quote so you know exactly what you’re paying for—no hidden fees here!

Is it worth paying a painter?

Hiring a professional ensures that the job is done quickly and efficiently, with a quality of work that usually far surpasses DIY efforts. Plus, it saves you the hassle and time. In our experience, the investment in professional painting pays off in both the short and long term by lasting longer and looking better.

What time of year is paint the cheapest?

Paint prices can vary, but often you might find discounts during the winter months when there is typically less demand for painting services. It’s a good idea to plan ahead if you’re looking to get a deal on painting projects.

Is it cheaper to hire a painter or do it yourself?

While DIY might seem cheaper upfront, hiring a professional can actually be more cost-effective when you factor in the time, effort, and potential for mistakes. A professional job also tends to last longer, which can save money over time.

How do I know if a painter is good?

Look for a painter with good reviews, reliable references, and a portfolio of previous work. A trustworthy painter will be transparent about their process and happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to ask me for references or to see examples of past projects!

Should I pay a painter or do it myself?

Consider your skill level, the scale of the project, and the time you can commit. If you’re unsure about the quality of your own work or you don’t have the time, hiring a professional is usually the way to go. It ensures that your home looks its best and the paint job will last.

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